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We source strategic capital from our clients’ value chains, from their current and potential end-users, and from their partners. Using this methodology, we have raised over $100m for early and growth stage energy-tech and clean-tech businesses over the last ten years.


The investor network we draw on is the product of experience, ongoing research and our willingness to challenge perspectives. We cultivate and grow our corporate investor base through regular events and ongoing research. This lets us quickly and efficiently connect capital with innovation.



Tom Whitehouse, Founder and CEO

Tom Whitehouse has twenty years’ experience in the financing of early and growth stage businesses and funds in energy and cleantech. He is authorised by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (IRN: TEW01019). He is also Senior Advisor (energy & mobility) to Global Corporate Venturing, the leading research and events company. Prior to founding Leif Capital, Tom was a foreign correspondent. From 1997-99 he was Moscow Correspondent for the Guardian and from 1991-97 he was a reporter for the BBC World Service, based in Prague and Moscow. Entrepreneurialism is in Tom’s blood. As a child, he worked for a series of successful family businesses in the brewing, gaming and greetings cards industries. He speaks Russian, Czech, bad French, and can swear quite well in Albanian. 

Tom Whitehouse, Founder and CEO

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