Speakers at Electrifying Farms, Decarbonizing Agriculture

Updated: May 31

Here is the line up for Leif Capital's webinar on Wednesday 2nd June. Please join us.

We have a great list of speakers for our webinar ‘Electrifying Farms, Decarbonizing Agriculture’ this Wednesday, June 2nd, at 10:00 Eastern / 15:00 BST / 16:00 CET:

  1. Richard Legault, CEO, Eocycle Technologies (eocycle.com)

  2. Hansel New, Director of Sustainability Programs, Dairy Farms of America (dfamilk.com)

  3. Dan Pinault, Investment Director, Cycle Capital (cyclecapital.com)

  4. Pål Johan From, CEO, Saga Robotics (sagarobotics.com)

  5. Jalmari Talola, CEO, Soil Scout (soilscout.com)

  6. Julia Reichelstein, Investor, PIVA Capital (piva.vc)

  7. Shawn Semones, VP, R&D, Anuvia Plant Nutrients Corporation (anuviaplantnutrients.com)

  8. Tim Kay, Commercial Director, Verco Global (vercoglobal.com)

  9. Matt Dight, Head of Sustainability, Pilgrims UK (pilgrimsuk.com)

To join us, please register here. (It's free)

Some of today’s most exciting sustainable investment opportunities are to be found in the electrification of farms and the decarbonization of agriculture. Not only are the costs of renewables declining to the point when they are cheaper than hydrocarbons (meaning that farmers can save money), but the ability to accurately gather greenhouse gas emissions data from across the agricultural supply chain means that corporations and governments can report authoritatively on their actions against climate change. And when you combine renewables with the carbon capture capabilities of new soil-based technologies and the incredible efficiencies of electrified precision agriculture, then you have the foundation for a sustainable agricultural transformation.

Our talking points include:

  • Introducing the ‘nerd herd’ – who are the agents of agricultural sustainability?

  • Strengthening farmers with distributed renewables: wind + solar + storage (WS2)

  • Farm robots, soil sensors and the the AgIOT (agricultural internet of things)

  • Why are climate VCs getting their hands dirty in soil-tech?

  • Software and data are decarbonizing agricultural supply chains. What next?

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