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Accenture Ventures’ Mike Redding – “We really believe in human + machine”

@Accenture Ventures’ Mike Redding sets out a venturing strategy based on the belief in “human + machine … That’s how we are going to unlock productivity”. He cites @maanaknowledge as “massively transformative. And energy is just ripe to adopt it.” Other issues discussed:

  • One of Accenture Venture’s strategic platforms, Industry X.0, allows a digital transformation of traditional industries, making them more efficient, effective and valuable by moving people from analogue to digital.

  • This focus on digitalisation leads to investments like Maana, which is an intelligent decision support capability that facilitates the combination of human and machine to enhance productivity and helps ensure operators make the best decisions.

  • Investments such as these reflect a shift in the corporate venture capital world – Accenture are now partnering, not just with large IT platforms, but also with digital energy start-ups – something not considered a few years ago.

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