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Sustainability requires symbiosis. 
                                Symbiosis requires trust.


For twenty years, Leif Capital has been trusted to establish symbiotic relationships in energy by corporations, start-ups and governments such as BP, Innovate UK, Pellucere Technologies:

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Tom Whitehouse

Founder and CEO

Tom Whitehouse established Leif Capital in 2004 to bring his passion for sustainable technology and his interdisciplinary skills in communications, corporate development and financing to the investment and energy industries. He had worked previously as a foreign correspondent in the former Soviet Union and Central Europe. 

Among the environmental pioneers, Tom advised in Leif Capital’s first decade are Impax Asset Management (the investment management business), the Carbon Disclosure Project and WWF (both NGOs). More recently, Tom has worked mostly with corporate venture capitalists in the energy and materials industries, with start-ups that are disrupting those industries, and with governments seeking to support the energy transition. Between 2013 and 2021 he was Senior Advisor (energy and transport) at Global Corporate Venturing.

 Tom studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University.

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The Team

Tom is an ex-journalist with a keen grasp of what makes technology businesses successful and ‘investable’. 


Futuristic Robot Arm Touches Human Hand in Humanity and Artificial Intelligence Unifying G


We advise three types of clients: investment companies (typically corporate VCs), start-ups and governmental agencies.

All are united in seeking profitable growth in the energy transition.

Recent Work


Series A2, 2021 

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Series A, 2021 

Consortium of Angel Investors 

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 Series A2, 2020 

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Innovate UK.jpg

 ‘Match fund’ for foundation industries, 2020

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Leif Capital takes a very comprehensive and efficient approach to climate-tech financing and corporate development. Their critique of financial models and information materials is thorough and detailed. They command the respect of a very wide group of investors and have an in-depth and informed understanding of what these investors require, from seed to growth stages and beyond. They work hard and fast.

Christopher Hoefener, CEO, YellowSiC

Leif Capital advised us on our successful capital raise in 2023. Tom Whitehouse is well-connected and respected among the energy venturing world. He added efficiency to our internal and external communication, gave good advice and was a pleasure to work with.

Nicolai Husteli, CEO, ScoutDI



We provide three services:


Investment Advisory 

  • Deal-sourcing

  • Due diligence 

  • Co-investor identification


  • Sourcing investors, typically strategic investors

  • Improving pitch materials, financial and business models, IP and go-to-market strategies

  • Process management

Corporate development

  • Identifying and appraising strategic customers​

  • Establishing supply chains 

  • Developing and implementing communications strategy, including moderating webinars and events, writing reports



In our experience, the breakthroughs we’ve seen in mobility and energy are mostly underpinned by advances in materials. The path to net zero transport and power requires further material innovation combined with reliable and scalable manufacturing.



Mankind is getting back on the move. Leif Capital works with companies who are delivering the new infrastructure, technology and business models needed for e-mobility - drones, autonomous vehicles, etc - and who are enabling the smart cities of the future.


Digital Rings

 The science is clear, the market opportunity is accelerating and the transition to a net zero economy will provide excellent returns for investors. We are active from hydrogen to renewables to energy storage to carbon capture.




Unless experience is refreshed by constant learning, it becomes bias. Our best qualification as advisors is our readiness to listen, engage and learn. We regularly meet with, and introduce, clients and colleagues, old and new. We drink the best coffee in London. Feel free to drop by. 


Working alongside our clients’ media advisors, Leif Capital interviews client senior management and secures the interviews’ publication in investor media. 


Leif Capital can also position its clients in ‘thought leadership’ reports that feature several of leading innovators (investors and venture-backed start-ups) in a particular ‘theme’ or investment category.

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