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Investors in eVTOL infrastructure (4/4): Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin (LM Ventures)

Aside from its investments in eVTOL OEM innovators Elroy Air, Electra and Skydio, the UAM investments made by the corporate venture unit of the US-based defence and aerospace giant have typically focused on detection, recognition, and surveillance. For example, Hidden Level is a New York-based company that designs and develops sensors for low-altitude airspace monitoring.

“Hidden Level underscores our focus on mitigating airspace safety challenges.

We are excited to add Hidden Level to our investment portfolio and look forward to working with their team and gaining access to their distributed sensor network that may offer a solution to address these escalating challenges.”

Chris Moran, General Manager, LM Ventures

Sample portfolio company:

This blog is an extract from Cities of Sustainable Flight (please download and read here), a Leif Capital report on the investment need / opportunity in eVTOL and VTOL infrastructure.

If you're an investor or an innovator in eVTOL infrastructure, we'd very much like to meet you.


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