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Pellucere optical coatings are getting the best out of solar

Pellucere technologies' precision innovation is transforming solar efficiency through anti-soiling and anti-reflective coatings.

It is hard to get any more precise than nanotechnology. One nanometre is a billionth of a metre, or 10-9 of a metre. Put another way, if a marble were a nanometre, one metre would be the size of the earth. The potential of nanotechnologies is revolutionary, so it was only a matter of time until their enhanced properties were utilised for the crucial new, sustainable agenda. Dr.Chih-Hung Chan (founder of Pellucere Technologies) and a group of academics from Oregon State University wanted to commercialize their research into nanoscale optical coatings in 2009, and 12 years on, their dedicated innovation has led to one of the most exciting advancements in precision sustainability.

Pellucere Technologies, based in Houston, Texas, develops and precisely manufactures advanced optical coatings for a wide range of energy and industrial needs, with their flagship product transforming the efficiency of solar power. MoreSun®, a patented solar coating and application system, is the world’s only anti-reflective, anti-soiling, field-installable product of its kind. Customer field data suggests that the products’ AR properties will improve solar energy yield by 5%, and up to 8% in high dust environments. CEO Robert Lukefahr believes that Pellucere will “complete installation of the MoreSun® coating on more than 500MW of retrofit solar projects in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Africa."

MoreSun® has been recently enhanced with new Talus Dirt Rejection Technology™, which uses silica-based coatings to prevent dirt and dust from adhering to a surface. The unique physical properties of Talus DRT™ silica shield means it can ‘reject dirt’ without waiting for rain, unlike typical hydrophobic, anti-soiling technologies. Pellucere Technologies is also actively developing several new coatings products that build on its core nanotechnology such as architectural grade window coatings, military-grade dirt rejection shields, high-definition AR coatings, and lens AR coatings.

Pellucere is one of the many case studies in the Leif Capital report on “Precision Sustainability”, which you can read in full and download here.

Please join us at the Leif Capital webinar – Precision Sustainability- on Wednesday September 29th at 10:00 Eastern / 15:00 BST to discuss the investment and partnership opportunities in the advancement of precision in sustainable technologies. Pellucere's CEO Bob Lukefahr is one of the speakers.

Please register here.

Matthew Stamp, Investment Analyst, Leif Capital.

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