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Africa – the next great venturing opportunity.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Chanzo Capital’s Eric at the GCV conference in London last month (see YouTube link below) and learned the following:

  1. African innovation will be rolled out globally because its spark – the need for low-cost infrastructure and development (financial, environmental, agricultural, social) – is also global. The world’s problems are Africa’s problems and vice versa.

  2. So Africa’s pioneering role in developing ‘mobile money’ is just the first of a wave of Africa-based innovation solutions with global appeal.

  3. Eric’s top five African sectors are: clean-tech, fin-tech, ed-tech, health-tech and agri-tech.

  4. Bosch, Merck and GE Ventures are among the first Corporate VCs to invest in Africa-based start-ups.

  5. GCV will do an event in Africa soon.

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