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Investors in eVTOL infrastructure (2/4): Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport Company

Brussels Airport’s skills in logistics have been underlined by its success in transporting nearly a billion Covid vaccine shots through its airport.

Its 2021 acquisition of a 50% stake in SkeyDrone, a provider of UTM (unmanned traffic management) services, from skeyes, Belgium’s state-owned air navigation and traffic provider, is expected to be the first of several strategic investments intended to defend and extend their technological edge.

Brussels Airport’s investment in SkeyDrone is strategic and goes beyond investing in drone know-how and technology. It is an investment in co-creating the future of unmanned air traffic… we can fully explore, develop and commercialise drone management systems and drone services that can be used on a daily basis by clients in various industries.

Arnaud Feist, CEO, Brussels Airport Company

Sample portfolio company:

This blog is an extract from Cities of Sustainable Flight (please download and read here), a Leif Capital report on the investment need / opportunity in eVTOL and VTOL infrastructure. If you're an investor or an innovator in eVTOL infrastructure, we'd very much like to meet you.

Tom Whitehouse


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