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Leif Capital report: Precision Sustainability

Our latest report gives the big picture on venturing in the realm of the very tiny, detailed and exact, in both space and time. Please download it here. Venture-backed businesses profiled include:

· Pellucere - optical coatings for solar

· Forto - ‘end-to-end’ control of the supply chain

· Circulor - ‘traceability-as-a-service’ in the supply chain

· Greenbird - 'Utilihive' ecosystem simplifies the energy data economy

· CarbonScape - green-graphite for lithium-ion batteries

· Myriota - nanosatellites for IoT connectivity

· Metalenz - breakthrough flat-lens technology

· Makina Rocks - machine learning solutions for manufacturing

Their financial and corporate VC backers include Applied Materials, Maersk Growth, Inven Capital, InMotion Ventures, Total, Intel Capital, 3M, Energy Innovation Capital, Fortistar, Nysno, ETF Partners and Snowball Effect.

The report has been edited by Leif Capital’s Investor-in-Residence Alex Westlake, whose portfolio spans clean-tech, precision manufacturing and ed-tech.

“I see in my investments that precision manufacturing is accelerating the data revolution, which in turn enables us to manufacture more precisely and efficiently”, says Alex. “I believe some of today’s most exciting and impactful investment opportunities are to be found in this precision-driven virtuous circle.”

Please join me, Alex and other speakers for a discussion around some of the themes raised in the report on October 20th at 2pm BST / 3pm CET / 10am Eastern. Click here for registration and info. I’ll send more details in due course.

And if you and/or a portfolio company would like to be featured in the discussion and future editions of the report, please let me know. Precision is a usefully inclusive and versatile concept. Today, all sustainability must be precise. Approximate ‘good efforts’ are so last decade, very clean-tech 1.0.

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