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Leif Capital Webinar: Precision Sustainability

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Please join us at a Leif Capital webinar – Precision Sustainability - on Wednesday October 20th at 10:00 Eastern / 15:00 BST / 16:00 CET


Alex Westlake, Investor-in-Residence, Leif Capital

Magnus Lindvall, Managing Director, Microbas AB

Bob Lukefahr, CEO, Pellucere Technologies

Michael Stadi, CEO, FOM Technologies.

Other speakers tbd

Moderator: Tom Whitehouse, CEO, Leif Capital

Please register here and then add the webinar to your calendar.

It’s a free online event (unless you find yourself in London, in which case we’ll go for offline drinks afterwards in Fitzrovia).

Why precision sustainability?

At Leif Capital, we believe some of today’s most exciting and impactful investment opportunities are to be found in precision sustainability.

There is a precision revolution afoot; in how we optimize the resources we use and re-use, in how we design and manufacture, in how we optimize our supply and distribution chains and above all in how we leverage ubiquitous data gathering and analysis.

Precision manufacturing is enabling sustainable technologies to become more efficient, more cost effective and more scalable. Equally, precision manufacturing is enabling the data revolution which in its turn is making precision manufacturing more effective. A virtuous cycle has been created.

What is precision sustainability?

Here is our Taxonomy of Precision Sustainability:

Our two pillars are in the middle of the graphic, Manufacturing Precision and Organizational and Supply Chain Precision. Manufacturing verticals include Semiconductor, 3D Printing and Cleantech, and we note the importance of an efficient, flexible, and resilient supply chain. Both of our pillars of precision enable sustainability, through technology or supply chain re-organization.

We explore the ‘virtuous relationship’ enjoyed by our pillars of precision and ‘Industry 4.0’ in our report, the latter referring the fourth industrial revolution involving the automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices.

I very much hope you can join us at the webinar. We'll be publishing a report of the same name, with analysis and case studies, very soon.

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